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Dress Code

Please review the expectations for what students should wear to OSLS.

Our Savior Lutheran School is a place of student learning within a Christian environment.  We strive to create an effective learning space while reducing unnecessary distractions. It is important that parents understand that some of today’s styles, logos, symbols, etc. promote a level of immodesty, disrespect  and/or distraction that is inconsistent with the scriptural standards of OSLS. The dress code seeks to minimize differences in outward appearance and maintain a standard of modesty and discretion, thereby maximizing opportunities to focus on learning.


At OSLS, the appearance/dress code is based on three standards as a guide for determining the appropriateness of a student’s appearance.

  • Neat and Clean – Is my appearance neat and clean? 

  • Modest and Appropriate – Is my appearance modest and appropriate, not attempting to draw attention?

  • Non-Distracting – Is my appearance distracting to the community? 


Preschool and Pre-K students may wear clothing that is safe and appropriate for a Christ-centered school.  Pre-K students who are enrolled in the enrichment program are to wear OSLS PE uniform on PE days.

K - 8th Grade

PE (Physical Education) Days

On days that students have PE, the student wears the PE uniform to school for the entire day. Details can be found in our Policies & Procedures.

Regular Uniform Days

Spartan Spirit Days

On a day that is designated Spartan Spirit Day students may wear any OSLS Spartan Spirit shirt with appropriate bottoms for OSLS.  If wearing leggings, they must be worn under a skirt or shorts.

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